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Safe, Easy, Affordable Video Management

Use the power of video to engage students (and teachers!), enhance learning outcomes, enable sharing of video curriculum, live streaming, integration with your LMS and SMS systems…  all at a very affordable cost!  More…

JDL Horizons' video training for educators

Video Training for Your Team

Let our award-winning team provide custom training to your team to enable them  to begin to use the power of video to enhance teaching and learning.  Our students create their first video within the first 30 minutes.  No more fear.  No more excuses.  Most start using video the next day.  More…

JDL Horizons produces custom videos

Video Production

We create custom videos for conferences and events, promotions, education transformations… whatever you need to use the power of video to enhance your outcomes.  We also train students all the skills they need to produce live broadcasts for sporting events.  More…

Live stream event with Eduvision

Live Stream Events to Engage the Community

Allow busy parents to participate in key school events, even when they can’t be there in person.  Engage community members in school activities, strategies and fund raising.  More…

Schools using Eduvision (and growing fast!)

People Trained -- 1000+ Teachers Trained to Flip Classrooms -- 1200+ Students Trained for Live Broadcasting

Thought Leader Video Interviews

Hours of live streaming annually

Eduvision - Top K-12 Media Platform

The safe, affordable way to use the power of video to enhance teaching and learning

Video Training

We provide custom training for your team and guarantee they will produce their first video within 30 minutes

Live Streaming

Extend the reach of your event, engage the community, enhance revenues

Pictures, clockwise:

  • The JDL crew streaming an education conference live
  • A student streaming a live sports event in a pro stadium
  • An education conference being streamed live to a virtual audience
  • JDL streaming a topic track for an education conference, enabling virtual audiences to participate in keynotes as well as specific topics
  • A student streaming a live classroom



Video Production

We create custom videos for your event, promotion or transformation project

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