Crisis Media Management

The Art of Communication is the Language of Leadership

Bad News Makes Headlines

Journalists and TV News networks always want to boost ratings, and bad news will boost their ratings better than good news.

If something has gone wrong which has created a crisis situation in your organization, journalists and TV News Networks will make you and your crisis their headlines!


How you respond to the media in a crisis situation is critical to your career and reputation.

Will you and your organization appear to be competent, caring and professional?

Or will the TV News Media make you and your organization appear to be incompetent, foolish and unprofessional?

It’s your choice how you wish to be perceived because preparation in advance is your key to successfully handling the media in a crisis situation.

A midwest major metropolitan school district superintendent admitted that with a teaching staff of circa 6,000 employees, and based upon an average statistic of 1 in 10 people being a child sex offender, she could have as many as 600 child sex offenders on her staff without even knowing it!

You can’t prepare yourself to face the media after the event!


We examine what creates a crisis, and how it can escalate beyond your control, together with the theory of crisis containment and management.

We perform a critical vulnerability study which determines your current strengths and potential weaknesses.

Once we’ve determined your current media ability, we teach you a particular set of skills which will enable you to handle a hostile media in crisis situations.

Using video, we will then practice, sharpen and hone those skills in role-play interviews which are tailored to situations which you and your organization may face.

We then layer-in strategies and techniques which are unique to Brian Sterling-Vete’s system of Mental Martial Arts.  Brian Sterling-Vete spent over a decade with BBC TV News and he’s also a world renowned expert at the martial arts, and now he has combined these winning strategies into a system that gives you the advantage in handling a hostile media in a crisis situation.


The day-long course is divided into two sections.  First there is the theory and discussion section and second, there are the practical sessions.

You will be coached every step of the way as we add layer upon layer of special tips, techniques and refinements until you’re feeling confident, polished and professional.

There will be several practical exercises of what we call a ‘Crisis Action Plan Exercise’ or ‘CAPE.’  This will cover the reality of developing an action plan, preparing your overall strategy, dealing with door-step VOX scenarios, and handling live press-pack interviews and media statements.

All sessions are recorded and analyzed to enable us to refine your progressive training at every stage.

All courses are tailored to our client’s individual needs and requirements and it is possible to include  up to six delegates per course.  We send out a pre-course analysis document to help us prepare in advance to better serve you and your business needs.


  • General preparation for crisis situations
  • Identify and prepare for potential crisis situations which can strike you
  • Create your crisis management team
  • Prepare your crisis management materials
  • Develop your crisis management strategies and action plan
  • Learn how to formulate your key messages
  • How to identify your audience and how that determines your spokespeople
  • How to maintain control of media interviews
  • How to use your Mental Martial Arts strategies and skills
  • How your audience will determine your best crisis spokespeople
  • How to ensure that your side of the story is heard


  • CEOs, Executive Leadership, Chairs, Directors and Senior Management
  • Heads of Departments
  • On-Call Managers
  • Anyone involved in Emergency Planning and its Leadership
  • Anyone who already has, or might have a Media Facing Role


  • Private access to their practical exercise sessions via a secure Eduvision video media management portal
  • A copy of Brian Sterling-Vete’s Mental Martial Arts book which contains a special section on Media Management.
  • 12 months FREE advice and support should you ever be faced with a crisis situation which becomes public

Are You Facing a Crisis NOW?

If you are in a crisis situation and feel you need urgent support, please visit our Crisis Media Management Support page to see how we can help you.


Brian Sterling-Vete – British author, BBC TV News veteran and motivational speaker & coach, will show you simple and highly effective ways to improve and polish your public speaking, communication, and media presentation skills.

With his charming British accent, extensive vocabulary and use of the English language, cheeky humor and quick wit, Brian draws from his extensive professional experience to bring his own unique and fresh approach to coaching as he helps you to deliver your message confidently and with maximum impact.

A professional martial arts instructor and lifetime achievement award-winner, Brian’s latest book Mental Martial Arts, explains the new and unique system he has developed which uses the same tactics and principles of the physical martial arts. Using these techniques it is possible to guide, channel and redirect the energy of others, and in doing so to help you gain the advantage to present yourself and your organization in a positive light, even in crisis situations.

Alongside Education leaders, Brian’s unique system also has a proven track record with companies and organizations, including: Discovery Television, the University of Central Lancashire (UK) Institute of Innovation, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Advantage Telecom and Entrepreneurship and Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals.

Learn more about Brian at Wikipedia and/or LinkedIn or at his website.


US education leadership not only sees the value in Eduvision as an excellent secure video portal to help maintain student safety, it also increasingly sees it as an essential tool for the leadership to help with emergency preparedness planning and media crisis management.

We offer an executive media portal for use by senior leadership teams to safely and effectively present their communications.

Eduvision also offers a full-function, unlimited channel offering with optional live streaming that can be used by schools and organizations to enhance learning and communications in their organizations.

Our Crisis Team is Available to Assist You and Your Organization Through a Crisis Situation

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