Create, Capture and Publish in 3 Clicks

It's truly as simple as capture, edit and publish directly to your Eduvision portal

Using TechSmith’s Relay in conjunction with Eduvision on a PC or Mac, Thomas Lapping, CEO, JDL Horizons, shows how with just 3 clicks, educators can create, capture and publish high quality video with high quality sound directly to their portal.

Thomas also demonstrates the very same ability using Fuse on an iPad, iPhone or Android device.

Video Without the Learning Curve

One of the key challenges for busy educators wanting to use the power of video to enhance learning, teaching and communications is the time it has taken traditionally to learn all the tools and to put them to use effectively. Most just simply don’t have or want to spend the time. Some fear the learning curve and worry that it will be over their heads.

Eduvision Relay enables video production as easy as 1-2-3

Eduvision Relay

Eduvision, in partnership with TechSmith, has found a simple, easy solution that first graders are using within minutes.

Now you can easily capture and upload video to your site. Videos can incorporate multiple sources, including PC cam, cameras, white boards, etc.

Built to Enhance Learning

This set of tools makes it easy to flip classrooms, offer 7×24 personal development, allow for student homework assignments in video, provide blended learning 7×24, enhance communications, and anything else that can benefit from the power of video.

Focus on Learning, Not on Technology

Early adopters are finding this “Easy Button” tool set enables them to focus on their work and not on the technology. JDL Horizons offers custom video production training to help educators quickly master and use technology in their classrooms the next day.

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