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To get started, we discuss what kind of video training you need.  Maybe you need your team to be ready to use the power of video in your classrooms.  Maybe you’re setting up a studio that will enable you to get exponential benefits from using video.  Or maybe you need training to be effective in front of a camera.  Whatever.  If it’s video, we can create custom training to meet your needs.

Based on our experience and deep knowledge in both video production and education, we can make suggestions for the best methods achieve your goals for maximizing the impact of using video in your organization.


Thomas Lapping

Thomas Lapping

CEO, JDL Horizons, LLC

Selected by eSchool News as one of the 30 most influential leaders on the use of technology in the nation’s schools – a list that also includes Bill Gates and Michael Dell – Thomas Lapping has more than 20 years of management, sales, and marketing experience with technology- and video-related services, especially in delivering these services to the U.S. education market.

Thomas has interviewed hundreds of education thought leaders and helps in design, capture and delivery of custom promotional videos.

Brian Sterling-Vete

Brian Sterling-Vete

CEO, MajorVision, Intl

Brian Sterling-Vete is the UK based partner for European and Worldwide media distribution of noteworthy education television news reports. Brian has worked with the BBC for many years in front-line TV news; with extensive experience on both sides of the camera.

Brian is an award-winning cinematographer with broad experience in education, documentaries, films and promotional videos.

Clayton Bosquez

Clayton Bosquez

VP, Product Development

Clayton is responsible for the design of, JDL’s flagship internet video distribution platform.

He has also led key product development and implementation projects for the State of Iowa and their Associated Education Agencies (AEAs), the Florida Department of Education, Broward County (Florida) Public Schools, and many other schools and districts around the nation.

David Williamson

David Williamson

Operations Manager

With significant experience in live video production and post-production video editing, Dave brings a hands-on user approach to the mechanics of driving a live multi-camera production as well as producing a compelling video product through editing.

Through years of working with students, teachers, and administrators to produce sports, communications and education videos, he is well equippedto show you how you can create videos easily and inexpensively.

Learning to Create and Produce Videos has NEVER Been Easier!


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