Live Event Streaming

We can stream your live event and extend participation to online attendees
JDL Horizons live streaming team


Let our experienced team stream your next live event.

Our clients use this powerful feature to:

  • Significantly expand revenues with “virtual” attendees who cannot attend in person – they can view the event live or choose an after-event PPV option
  • Provide after-event access to the content for live conference attendees
  • Enable virtual attendees to attend different tracks for your conference – we can broadcast multiple tracks simultaneously that can be viewed live or after-event PPV
  • Create editable content that can be re-used for future promotions and marketing


JDL has trained over 1,200 students to produce live events.

These students learn every facet of live production broadcasting, and end the bootcamp with a live production.

Students then go on to produce live events, particularly sports events, broadcast on the internet.  They broadcast from local to major university and professional sports venues and gain tremendous skills and confidence.  More…

This video showcases students who were trained in JDL’s Video Production Bootcamp to do video broadcasting. These students are running their own television news channel at school, and many are now planning to get into video broadcasting for their career.

A few of the top educational organizations using live streaming

Clients achieve key benefits of additional revenue, expanded exposure, enhanced community relationships



Enhance your reach and effectiveness by streaming live events such as:

  • Plays, concerts, sporting events
  • Strategy and funding promotions
  • Board meetings
  • Live classrooms – which can be used later for other classes or flipped classrooms
  • Professional Development
  • Blended learning
  • Add closed captioning to expand your content’s effectiveness and reach
live streaming with Eduvision

Make the most out of your next live event!

Stream Your Next Live Event