Education Solutions Partners

JDL Horizons and select key partners are providing holistic, end to end solutions for using video to enhance teaching, learning and engagement--at a great price

One of our key partners is TechSmith, creator of the highly acclaimed Camtasia Studio and associated products found in thousands of schools world-wide.

Techsmith software makes it easy to create compelling, world-class video content to be shared with anyone using Eduvision. Our integrated solution includes Snagit, Camtasia Studio, Camtasia for Mac and Eduvision Relay.

This powerful combination of tools enables you to do screen captures, record your computer screen, add voice and animation, capture live events, share your creations quickly and easily with Eduvision, and much more.

And no more need for high end, expensive equipment. This software combination enables you to use your mobile device with a few inexpensive add-ons to create high quality video that will make you look like a pro.

JDL is proud to have Techsmith as an integration partner and to provide this powerful technology, affordably priced, to educators who understand the power of video to enhance teaching, learning and engagement.

eClass4Learning is a key partner with Eduvision and provides a free API that can be used to integrate Eduvision with Moodle, an open platform Learning Management System.

Teachers can now seamlessly integrate videos directly into their lessons, knowing that their video assets are safe and secure in the Eduvision platform.

One Central Video Library with Global Access

More and more, educators are seeking solutions to integrate video into their learning management, student information and professional development systems.

Through Eduvision’s REST API, this is not only possible, but is being implemented in many schools. With all of your video in one place, you have the security and control of your video assets to manage, update and and provide access to those who need them.

Experienced Team Delivers Custom Solutions

The eclass4learning team has experience in using instructional technologies and methods to deliver instruction at a distance, including live webcasts, conferences, simulations, multimedia management and customized solutions for school and District clients. eClass4learning has leveraged the Eduvision REST API to integrate the Eduvison platform into the Moodle LMS with great success and has overseen its deployment in Education Agencies, Districts and schools.

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